Longhorn Network

To the best of our knowledge, of the five-largest TV service providers in Texas — Time Warner, DirecTV, Dish, Comcast, and Suddenlink — none have reached an agreement with the Longhorn Network.

Suddenlink would very much like to make this network available on fair and reasonable terms to our customers who want it. In fact, we have told ESPN, which is negotiating carriage on behalf of the Longhorn Network, that we would be delighted to sign an agreement with them like the one we signed with the NFL Network last year. So far, ESPN has refused that offer.

In the meantime, virtually all Longhorn football games will be on channels that Suddenlink already carries, such as ABC, ESPN, and FOX.

Another Update: N.C. Restoration Efforts

AUG. 31, 5:00 P.M. ET

We’re now above the 90% restoration level, on average, across our N.C. operations, and all individual communities listed previously are above 80%, with the exception of New Bern, the hardest-hit area, which is at the 78% level.

As reported earlier, commercial power has yet to be restored in a few neighborhoods. In others, power-company officials have recently given us the green light to start repairs. And in a few instances, where power has been restored, lines running from our network to individual homes are damaged. If you’re in that last category — with power but without Suddenlink service — and you can do so, please contact us at 877-524-0455 for residential service and 800-490-9604 for commercial service.

AUG. 31, 10:30 A.M. ET

We weren’t sure if further online updates would be helpful to customers. You responded, indicating that they would be. And so, here’s the latest: We’re approaching the 90% restoration level, on average, across our N.C. properties, with all areas now ranging between 70 and 100% restored. Most but not all of the work still to be completed is in the Kinston and New Bern areas.

In some neighborhoods, commercial power has not yet been restored. In other areas, power-company officials recently gave us the green light to start repairs. And in a few instances, lines running from our network to individual homes were damaged. If you’re in the latter category — i.e., you’ve had power but are still without Suddenlink services — please contact us at 877-524-0455 for residential service and 800-490-9604 for commercial service, if you are able to do so.

Alternatively, as promised last night, we will continue to forward customer information left at this blog to the appropriate N.C. managers for follow up. Several dozen of you have already used that option, and we will continue to support others who do the same.

AUG. 30, 6:00 P.M. ET

We’ve now restored service to more than 80% of customers across all of our N.C. properties, with Rocky Mount approaching 85% and Greenville nearing 100%. Even in the hardest-hit areas, service has been restored for 60 to 65% of customers.

In virtually all remaining cases, we are awaiting clearance by power-company officials.

While our crews will continue their work until we achieve 100% restoration, this is the last update we will post here. We will, however, keep forwarding messages submitted to this blog to the appropriate managers for follow up.

To all of our N.C. customers, thank you, once again, for your patience.

AUG. 30, 9:00 A.M. ET

Across all of our N.C. operations, we are approaching the 75% mark for service restoration. Greenville is almost fully restored, with a few exceptions, followed by Rocky Mount (including Tarboro) at approximately 75%, and Parmele (including Williamston, Bethel, and Robersonville) at greater than 72%. All other areas are now above 50%.

Crews will continue their efforts until service is working for all customers. We will provide another update around late afternoon/early evening.

AUG. 29, 6:00 P.M. ET

We’re approaching 90% restoration in Greenville; 70% in Rocky Mount; and 60% in Parmele. Elsewhere, in areas that sustained the most damage, restoration progress ranges between 45 and 50%. All crews remain fully engaged and are working as quickly as circumstances allow.

In some areas, scattered debris, downed trees and lines continue to complicate recovery efforts, nor have we been cleared by power-company officials to move into all areas.

We expect to make further progress this evening and will provide another blog update tomorrow.

As reported earlier, some customers may have trouble reaching us due to heavy call volumes. We apologize for any inconvenience and ask that, if able to do so, customers continue to try: 877-524-0455 for residential service and 800-490-9604 for commercial service.

We also continue to forward messages posted to this blog to the appropriate managers for follow up.

Damage in Greenville, N.C., after Hurricane Irene
(Photo Credit: Scott Davis/The Daily Reflector)


AUG. 29, 3:00 P.M. ET

We are approaching 65% service restoration for our eastern North Carolina customers, and nearly 85% in Greenville.

While we cannot yet provide estimated times of repair for the remainder, all crews are engaged and working as quickly as circumstances allow to restore service in areas where it is not yet available. In addition, our N.C.-based crews are receiving assistance from incremental Suddenlink and contractor staff deployed to the area.

Due to heavy call volumes, some customers may have trouble reaching us. We apologize for any inconvenience and ask that, if they are able to do so, they continue to try: 877-524-0455 for residential customers and 800-490-9604 for commercial customers.

We also continue to forward messages posted to this blog to the appropriate managers for follow up.

AUG. 29, 9:00 A.M. ET

We estimate a majority of our eastern North Carolina customers — approaching 60% — now have service restored, with the greatest percentage restored in the Greenville area (more than 80%). However, there is still much work to be done.

Our North Carolina managers estimate that — in 75% of the areas where we know there is damage to our local network — Suddenlink crews have not yet been cleared by power-company officials to start repairs. Restoration efforts are well underway in the areas to which we have approved access, and repairs will start in the remainder as soon we are allowed to do so.

Customers who have commercial power but are still without Suddenlink services, please contact 877-524-0455, if you are able to do so. Agents at that number are in the best position to assist you. To date, eight comments left at this blog have been forwarded to North Carolina managers, who will attempt to follow up with customers leaving enough information to be identified in our records. We are not currently publishing such comments to avoid disclosing potentially private information.

AUG. 28, 7:00 P.M. ET

Suddenlink and contractor crews continue efforts to restore service where it is currently not available. Damaged lines and downed trees in a number of areas are causing repairs to go more slowly than we would like. In addition, even where power has been restored, our crews may have not yet been given the green light by power-company officials to begin work.

Customers who have had commercial power restored but are still without Suddenlink services, please contact 877-524-0455 if you are able to do so. Agents at that number are in the best position to assist you. Any inquiries left at this blog will be forwarded to Suddenlink managers in N.C. as soon as possible, although there may be delays.

Thank you for your patience as our teams continue to work diligently to get everyone back up and running.

AUG. 28, 10:00 A.M. ET

Late yesterday through this morning, Suddenlink crews began surveying damage to the company’s eastern North Carolina network in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene. Those crews stand ready to start repairs as soon as they are cleared to do so by local power-company authorities.

Commercial power is being restored gradually in the hardest-hit areas, which are marked by scattered debris, downed trees, and broken utility poles.

As of this morning, in all of the areas affected by the storm, press reports estimate that 4 million homes and offices did not have commercial power. Suddenlink’s main technical facilities in Greenville, Rocky Mount, and Washington had commercial power, but those in Kinston, New Bern, and Parmele, N.C. were still being powered by generators. Even in the areas where Suddenlink facilities have commercial power, not all neighborhoods have been restored. Greenville appears to be in the best shape, with commercial power on and services working for an estimated 60% of customers around 9:30 am ET this morning.

We will provide further updates starting tomorrow. Our thoughts and prayers are with all those affected by this storm, especially with the families who lost loved ones.

Suddenlink2GO Update


In its first month, Suddenlink’s Web-based video service — Suddenlink2GOTM — has proven quite popular … and that popularity appears to be growing.

Suddenlink customers streamed video content through Suddenlink2GO more than 630,000 times last month, for a weekly average of nearly 160,000 streams. In addition, the number of weekly streams increased more than 19% in the final week of June compared to the first week.

Total page views for June exceeded 740,000, suggesting customers are viewing slightly more than one page (1.17) before they select and stream videos.

At home or away, Suddenlink customers can visit suddenlink.net, sign in to their online account, select one of the Suddenlink2GO links, and then choose the videos they wish to watch.

Customers who do not have a Suddenlink online account can set up one by visiting suddenlink.net, selecting the “Not Registered? SIGN UP NOW” option — found next to the Log In link on the right side of the page — enter the account number and access code from their Suddenlink bill, and follow the registration instructions.

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What the Heck is IPv6?

You may have heard or read something about World IPv6 Day or about the longer-term transition to IPv6. If so, you may be scratching your head and asking, “What is this all about?”

This primer is for you.

Below, we summarize some background information and terminology related to IPv6. We’ve tried to keep that summary as simple as we can, but it’s almost impossible to tackle (and understand) this subject without using a few technical terms.

After the backgrounder, we list the steps Suddenlink will be taking to prepare for the IPv6 transition.

Finally, we note some additional questions you might have and offer some answers.

[Read more...]

Suddenlink Launches Suddenlink2GO

Suddenlink today launched Suddenlink2GOTM, an online video service, featuring tens of thousands of full-length TV episodes and shorter video clips — plus more than 1,300 movies — all accessible anywhere in the United States, on any computer with a high-speed Internet connection.For more information, please see the complete news release. Also check out the online user guide, questions and answers, and sharable images.